2018 Likely Fiction Chapbook Contest

Likely Red announces our first ever contest, an annual chapbook contest. This year, the contest will be for fiction. The contest starts April 30th, to celebrate our one-year of existence, and remains open for entries through June 30th. There is a $5 submission fee.

Submit your best fiction, up to 40 pages, double spaced, with a readable font similar to Times New Roman, size 11. Content can be any combination of original fiction pieces and original art work, though artwork is not required. Submit all in one document. Show us your best work and best selection skills. Order matters. Make something beautiful. Weird, too. It’s probably fine.

A winner will be chosen by our editors. One winner will receive $100 (usd) and get their chapbook published in a limited run by us at Likely Red. (Update: We didn’t realize we were so popular. We apologize for the delays. We are still reading through all the fabulous submissions as of September 14th, 2018. Submissions are currently closed. Thank you all for your support!)

All entries are also considered for publication online in our journal. (Lit mag?)

Manuscripts including stories that have been published previously that you own the rights to are acceptable, but the manuscript as a whole must be previously unpublished. Please acknowledge these publications in your manuscript.

Submit via Submittable starting April 30th.

Next year, the contest will only consider poetry chapbooks.

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