Weekend Writing Photo: Bird on Jackson and Market

In an excuse to remind everyone that we’re open for submissions, we started an Instagram account for awful photo prompts.

Look at the awful writing prompt photo.

Write us something today, or over the weekend, or whenever, and submit it to us for consideration. You don’t even have to tell us that you used the photo to write something, but you can if you want. Although we can only publish a small amount of pieces here at Likely Red Press, we’re grateful for every single submission that we get. Really.


Edit: To encourage more people to write and to submit what they write to literary magazines and journals, we will open briefly for free submissions in response to this writing prompt photo on April 1st-April 4th, or until we receive the allotted amount of free monthly submissions via Submittable. If you’d like to submit before that, we accept general submissions with a $3 submission fee until the end of the day on March 31st. The fee goes to help us with things like website expenses, submission manager costs, author payments, and the longevity of our journal. (Lit mag?)

Submit via our Submissions page. As always, thank you all for your support.


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