Title Analysis: Likely Red, on Patreon

We’ve launched a new Patreon page as a new way for readers to support us. On our Patreon page, we draft, tinker, and experiment with new types and styles of content before we bring it over to our weekly format here on the literary journal. (Lit mag?)

One of our new experimental things is our Title Analysis series.


Likely Red as a title for the online literary journal was originally meant as an indicator that the in-house editorial pieces would be based around events from Louisville, the red colored college sports team city, not the blue wildcat one. He’s not sure why he based the title around the local sports theme, because the only thing our editor knows about sports is that football players wear tight clothes.

So then, when Likely Red first launched in the spring of 2017, one of its goals was to incorporate local Louisville arts and events within our journal, even if only as an attendee. There are slews of creative writing events, readings, art shows, and workshops for us to attend and smart off about throughout the year. There is also a smorgasbord of local Louisville writers for us to meet at readings and events.

So, in our weekly Title Analysis series, we’ll be crashing creative writing events, art shows, festivals, museums, and workshops. Then, we’ll write words about them and post selfies and photos and make them all about us, because literature.

You’re welcome, internet. (To be honest, our editor is just excited to get out of the house.)

(Full post on the patron page.)



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