We’re excited to announce that we’ve opened the doors for Guest Editors for select periods. Our first Guest Editor is Joe Russo. He will be hand picking our poetry publications for the month of November.

Joe is looking to be shocked. He wants to feel breathless after reading each piece. He wants the rejected, the beaten, and the pieces that haven’t quite found a home yet. “Cause remember…we are the artists of the page,” he once told someone.

Joe Russo has been published in Metaphor Magazine, Nowhere Journal, Event Horizon, Typehouse Magazine, Door is A Jar Magazine, Spillwords, Degenerate Literature and Centum Press’s anthology ONE HUNDRED VOICES. He was nominated for Publication of the Year by Spillwords Press for his poem “A Deep and Terrible Death.” You can find more of his work over at his website – http://joerusso8writer.wix.com/creativewriter. When he isn’t writing he’s hanging out with his french bulldog, Kari Grace Kelly. Yes, that’s her full name. No, he isn’t kidding.

Submit your poetry to us if you haven’t already. All current submissions are also being considered.

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