Sponsor a piece (or number of pieces) so that we can publish a piece EVERY DAY for the first 2 weeks of 2019, from January 1st through January 14th.

If you sponsor a piece (or number of pieces), you’ll get your name listed alongside the publication online as a sponsor forever. You’ll also be helping us raise money for our upcoming publications, including upcoming print publications. These funds will also help us stay financially secure as we look for new work to publish after we’re cleaned out. Likely Red Press has been a paying market since we’ve started. We’re very proud of that.

Sponsor A Piece

At $5 a piece, sponsor any number of 14 pieces for January 2019. Your name will be listed alongside the work online and you’ll be helping secure funds for our future publications.




Here’s the fun part. Check out the following list of pieces. We will slowly add more details about each piece over time as we get more funds, as well as the number of sponsors for each. If you’d like to sponsor a specific piece, email us at editor@likelyred.com. If not, we’ll divide and disperse sponsors as evenly as possible.



Piece 1: Poem – 1st line – “So much goes on below” last line – “and now this.”

Author bio: Lives in Kildare, Ireland with his wife Eimear and daughter Robin.  Recent publication credits include Better Than Starbucks and Fowl Feathered Review.

Piece 2: Poem – 1st line – “To pull back, to not call” last line – “To not.”

Author bio: Is an MFA candidate at Queens University of Charlotte. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in Public Pool, Rising Phoenix Review.

Piece 3: Poem – 1st line – “Hash” last line – “Shame us til we too tag and hash and act.” 

Author bio: After a stint in academia teaching American Lit and publishing on food and culture, they moved to Vermont where they teach tai chi. Poems in The Literary Nest, Light Journal.

Piece 4:  Poem – 1st line – “pavement breaks out by the dumpsters, under cars and walking feets.” last line – “i’ve said : hello”.
Author Bio: Studies English at the University of Wyoming.

Piece 5: Prose – 1st line – ” You tell her about the lemon trees, about the bright yellow bursting forth from the vibrant leaves, about how you used to lay beneath their branches while your Mom hung sheets on the clothesline.” last line – “She tells you they were looking for a rug like the one they’d lost so that one day when she bought a home and built a life, they could pass down the rug, and the love and laughter that seeped into its symbolic fibers.”

Author bio: Graduating from SUNY Geneseo in upstate, NY, with a degree in English Literature. Writing has previously been published in Crabfat Magazine and Gandy Dancer.

Piece 6: Poem – 1st line – “Dirt hides in fingernails.” Last line – “You couldn’t concentrate with the noise anyway.”

Author bio: Currently works as a freelance writer and editor. Fiction and poetry has been published in Typishly and Enzo Publishing.

Piece 7: Prose – 1st line – “When your father gets nervous he snorts as he laughs, which he does as he talks, fast and skittish.” last line – “All behaviors that make him so unlike you, and terrifyingly, so similar.”

Author bio: Teaches writing and English at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. Work in Fourth Genre and The Other Journal.

Piece 8: Poem – 1st line – “As I wait to miscarry” last line – “ready for departure.”

Author bio: Full Professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. Poems have been published in Aji Magazine, Gravel, and Apple Valley Review.

Piece 9: Prose – 1st line – “So this whole thing started when I show up at Denny’s, only a little bit tipsy, and dressed to the nines.” last line – “The British cigarette.”

Author bio: A full-time student and father, he is from San Lorenzo, California, where he lives with his wife and son. Previous publications include Prairie Schooner and The Penn Review. 

Piece 10: Poem – 1st line – “forty years I’ve wandered” last line – “laurels and bows of cedar” 

Author bio: An educator, a poet and a believer in the mystical power of words. Previously published in The Coe Review and Fickle Muses. 

Piece 11: Poem – 1st line – “Common name: Pansy. Viola Wittrockiana. Perennial. Zone: 4-8.” last line – “And snow is in fact a multitude of flowers.” 

Author bio: Graduated magna cum laude from Bowie State University with a BA in English, Creative writing. Work in The Torch and Field Notes: Interpretations of Nature. 

Piece 12: Prose – 1st line – “In the fifth grade, Libby dipped her Happy Holidays Barbie into the twin flames of her mother’s Peach Bellini-scented candle.” last line – “Like being pinched. Libby sucked on her finger as it reddened in pain.”

Author bio: Writes in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where she studies English and Theatre at the University of Ottawa. Work in Luna Luna Magazine and Rookie Mag.

Piece 13: It’s a surprise.

Piece 14: It’s a surprise.


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