Waiting To Miscarry by Dorsía Smith Silva

“You tell her in hushed tones that leave shadows. Think of my belly’s desperation. At this early hour begging for space to speak, its weight pressed tightly down. What a twisted silence.”

Waiting To Miscarry by Dorsía Smith Silva


Dorsía Smith Silva is a Full Professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. Dorsía’s poems have been published in Aji Magazine, Gravel, Apple Valley Review, Bright Sleep Magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The B’K, WINK, Poetry Quarterly, POUI: Cave Hill Journal of Creative Writing, Adanna, Rigorous, Shot Glass Journal, Tonguas, and the book Mothers and Daughters.

This piece was sponsored by Matthew Feinstein as a part of our 2019 Nonstop Beginning Fundraiser.

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