We are a literary, artsy, for-shits-and-giggles, and sometimes for reals small press in Louisville, KY. We publish an online literary journal of prose, poetry, and literary stuff. Beginning in 2018, we hold the annual Likely Fiction/Poetry Chapbook contest. We try to push the right buttons to nominate some of our contributors for literary awards such as The Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net.

 What We Publish

We seek to publish prose that changes our tastes, stories that make us touch our cheeks, poems that make us wish we’d paid more attention to poetry in college. We’re easily distracted. If it’s shiny, we’ll stop to look at it. To be honest, we really don’t know what the hell we’re doing.

When We Publish

We are switching to a weekly format beginning in late April of 2018. We will publish new content every week or so, depending on the amount and quality of submissions we get, not to mention our tastes at the time. We also publish content done in-house.

How We Publish

The stories that we publish here will always be free to read online and we will always be here, proudly displaying our contributors’ work. We’re an independent small press and aren’t officially affiliated with any universities or other organizations, though we enjoy playing with others. We [attempt to] fund our journal and press in many ways, including out of the editor’s own pocket, submission fees, and ad revenue.


Eric Shay Howard – Editor-in-Chief – Currently evaluating the past and wondering what the crap to do about the future. Has a BA in English from the University of Louisville. Needs his MFA soon so that he doesn’t continue to feel weird at literary readings. Find him at ericshayhoward.com.

John Eric Davis – Photography Editor – Works a lot. Has a BA in Psychology from Western Kentucky University and an MS in Social Work from the University of Louisville. His work has appeared in online magazines and in a Sparks group showing.

Brittanie Maccarone – First Reader – Runs an online resource for new writers, itstartswithpageone.com. Has a BA in Psychology, but fell (back) in love with writing instead. Her work has appeared locally and in Longshot Island.

Submissions And Opportunities

See our Submission Guidelines before submitting your work to us.

See our calls for opportunities to be one of our First Readers or Guest Editors.

Contact us via email at editor [at] likelyred [dot] com with any business inquires.

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