December 2018
The Coracoid Process by Robert Sachs – Fiction
An Unwilling Goodbye by Sam Morgan – Creative Nonfiction
Sandcastle by HW Walker – Fiction
Crossing by Kindra McDonald- Poetry
Everyone Says They Saw The Signs by Marissa Glover – Poetry
They Does Not Fit Like A Thundershirt Should by Nicole Oquendo – Poetry

November 2018
Leap Years by Marissa Coon Rose – Poetry
October, 2001 by Maranda Greenwood – Poetry
Growing Pains by Susi Lopera – Poetry
After Receiving My First Valentine’s Rose from a Blue Honda Rep by Susi Lopera – Poetry
In Keeping by Carrie Bond – Poetry
Cognition by Whitney Walters – Poetry
The Thing That Would Make Her Happy by Rodd Whelpley – Poetry
Eulogy of a Bird by Cheyenne McIntosh – Poetry
boys in a room by jelal huyer – Poetry

September/October 2018
No Reason To Waste Good Meat by Allie Marini – Fiction
Peepers by Chris Dungey – Fiction
House Sparrow by Chris Cascio – Fiction
On first devising paper by Tamsin Blaxter – Poetry
23andMe by Alan Toltzis – Poetry
After Storm by Sarah Gane Burton – Poetry
How A Man Who’s Not My Son Dances With His Cousins by John Horvath Jr. – Poetry
Dionysus Promised To Let You Have Another Glass by Chloe N. Clark – Poetry
Pink by Benjamin Niespodziany – Poetry
Aunt Judy Bath by Iva Moore – Poetry
This Photograph by Michael McGill – Poetry
Prepping For Bee Stings – Editorial Note/Fiction by Eric Shay Howard

June/July 2018
Prayer For A Hunter by Zack Martin – Poetry
At The Yale Gallery of Art by Samn Stockwell – Poetry

April/May 2018
There Will Be Canyons Where We’re Going by Shane Plassenthal – Fiction
Squint by Elise Wallace – Nonfiction
In Outer-Space, Where I Grew Up by Lily Allport – Poetry
Woman by Valentina Cano – Poetry
The Daily News by Ashley Hajimirsadeghi – Poetry
2016.15 by Bradley J. Fest – Poetry
Dated Containers by Deborah Guzzi – Poetry
I Woke Up by Keith Mark Gaboury – Poetry

November 2017
The War With Tennis Equipment by A.A. Reinecke – Fiction
The Demand by Tony Iovino – Poetry
Cicadas by Tamara L. Panici – Poetry
Clown Wigs by Jason Conner – Poetry

September 2017
All’s Fair by Gwen C. Katz – Fiction
Boxes by Michael Wertenberg – Fiction
Moving Forward by Megan Fuentes – Fiction
Le cineaste by Lee Nash – Poetry

June 2017
Emotional Osmosis by Willem Myra – Fiction
The Many Deaths of the Wives by Leah Angstman – Poetry
Ameri-can by Atar Hadari – Poetry
Louisville by Atar Hadari – Poetry

April 2017
Aiming For God by L.L. Madrid – Fiction
Epoxy by Chris Dungey – Fiction
74 Rue Cardinal Lemoine by Bill Vernon – Nonfiction
A Man Needs A Mead by Colin James – Poetry

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