Announcing Our New Masthead

Our first year as a literary journal (lit mag?), I had the opportunity to publish amazing authors. When we continued this year, I wasn’t at all prepared for the expanded and wonderful reception we received from our readers and contributors. We made some changes early on, like transitioning into a small press. We put out our first ebook, a short literary series called The Fancy Arm Hole, for which I’m grateful to the authors for allowing us to publish. It’s only our second year, and we are still learning a lot.

One thing I did learn was that we needed to expand our team. Today, I’m proud to share the news of who we’ve brought on to help continue bringing you Likely Red. – Eric Shay Howard – Editor-In-Chief. Continue reading “Announcing Our New Masthead”


Interview With Elise Wallace

Likely Red Press published “Squint” earlier this year. Our Patrons on Patreon get access to some interviews and content early

“The writing process is difficult. I doubt any writer that says otherwise. Fortunately, the threshold is pretty high to getting myself to set down and actually write, but once I do I can’t make myself get up until I’ve got a piece, or the bones of one, out on the page. Completely.”

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Prepping For Bee Stings by Eric Shay Howard

“Out,” she says. My tongue drops and she rolls the swab against the back of my throat with her gloved hand. She smiles and hums while she rotates her wrist.

This must be how the hundred or so writers feel while they wait on my ass to figure out what the fuck I’m doing with my life.

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