The Fancy Arm Hole Series, number 1

At the beginning of the year, we stated that we were also transitioning into a small press. On that note, we’ve been busy with putting together our first book.

The Fancy Arm Hole Series, number 1, is available now. It’s fancy. It features work from Amy Alexander, Becca Carson, A. Cooperstone, Chris Espenshade, James Ezra, L.N. Holmes, timothy martin, Damon McKinney, Steve Carey-Walton, Lisa L. Weber, and Michael Welch. Continue reading “The Fancy Arm Hole Series, number 1”


Title Analysis: Likely Red, on Patreon

We’ve launched a new Patreon page as a new way for readers to support us. On our Patreon page, we draft, tinker, and experiment with new types and styles of content before we bring it over to our weekly format here on the literary journal. (Lit mag?)

One of our new experimental things is our Title Analysis series.
Continue reading “Title Analysis: Likely Red, on Patreon”