We’ve had a great first start here at Likely Red Magazine. We’ve accumulated wonderful readers and writers who read, share, and submit to us. We want to do more. We want to encourage others to aid in the literary journal and lit mag process. We think the best way to do that is to open our doors for Guest Editors, continuous opportunities for Submission Readers, and for those who have ideas for us that we don’t have yet or never will.

We encourage students, writers of all types, wannabe editors, or anyone who is bored to death to email their CVs, experiences, hopes, dreams, and/or ideas to the editor at the email address below. If we decide that you’d be a good fit for an issue or period, we cannot pay you, because all of our measly funds are for the authors we publish, but we will include you in our Masthead history for the life of Likely Red Magazine, and we hear it looks pretty good on a cover letter, too.

First Readers: email us a brief paragraph or two about what you look for in writing, what genres you are interested in dipping your feet into, any publication credits, and any past experience or rich literary connections that you may or may not have.

Guest Editors: Email us a brief paragraph or two about what you look for, what genre you are interested in (fiction, poetry, essay, photography/visual art, experimental, or something else), and also be sure to include publication credits, awards, nominations, or really good rejection letters that either you have received as a writer, or a journal/magazine that you’ve been involved with in the past has received.

Send emails to: Editor [at] LikelyRed [dot] com.

We look forward to seeing how this goes.

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