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There are a few ways you can support Likely Red Press.

  • Read us every week. Read what we publish and support our authors. Check our authors’ biographies. Visit their websites, read their other publications, and buy their books. We currently do not make any commission or get any affiliate benefits from any links in our author biographies, but if you support the authors you like, the authors are happy and they’ll continue to be able write for all of us, including other journals and lit mags.
  • Check out our new Patreon page and become a patron. You’ll get to vote on artwork, listen to an exclusive upcoming podcast, read some things a bit early, and other exciting things we’re adding in the future.
  • Visit our store page and support us there.
  • Submit your own work for consideration here at Likely Red. While we do occasionally open up for free submissions when we get the chance, our Submittable account only allows us to take a small amount of free submissions. Submittable is also really expensive. The $3 submission fee that we charge year-round helps us to pay our website bills, submission manager costs, and to pay our authors. We greatly appreciate every submission.
  • If you like what you read here at Likely Red, you can “tip” us with our PayPal link. Note: we are not a registered non-profit organization. But we’ll take your monies.

We often experiment with new ways to make money. We love publishing literature and we’d like to keep doing it.


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