Interview with Chris Dungey

“90% of my stories are written from my life and I’ve used them up. More and more imagination will be required.”

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Peepers by Chris Dungey

“”You’ve gotta move,” I’d shout above the roar, I don’t know how loud since I wore good ear-covers. No problem, apparently, after a few of those rocking-horse staggers like they do, just barely out of my path. “You’re gonna get sprayed!” Mulched clippings shot from under the machine, but that only happened once. Henny-Penny always foraged on the safe side after that.”

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Epoxy by Chris Dungey

Chris Dungey is a retired auto worker in Michigan. 58 of his stories have found publications in various litmags and zines. His collection, The Pace-Lap Blues and Other Tales From The Seventies, is available from Amazon and Kindle. He rides mountain bike, feeds two wood-stoves, and camps at the sports-car races. Continue reading “Epoxy by Chris Dungey”