Peepers by Chris Dungey

“”You’ve gotta move,” I’d shout above the roar, I don’t know how loud since I wore good ear-covers. No problem, apparently, after a few of those rocking-horse staggers like they do, just barely out of my path. “You’re gonna get sprayed!” Mulched clippings shot from under the machine, but that only happened once. Henny-Penny always foraged on the safe side after that.”

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Editorial Note – Prepping For Bee Stings by Eric Shay Howard

“Out,” she says. My tongue drops and she rolls the swab against the back of my throat with her gloved hand. She smiles and hums while she rotates her wrist.

This must be how the hundred or so writers feel while they wait on my ass to figure out what the fuck I’m doing with my life.

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